My posts on the Topograph

From 2012-2015 I maintained a joint research blog with fellow geographer and STS scholar Martin Mahony called the Topograph. As we are now working on very different projects – he has just started a British Academy fellowship project at the University of Nottingham looking at the intersections of 20th century British colonialism and meteorological science – and developing our own profiles as early career scholars we have decided to mothball the Topograph for the time being, but leave the archive intact.

Topograph header

Below is an archived list of my most popular posts on the Topograph on topics including organisational learning, democracy, evidence-based policy, social media, the Anthropocene, the GM controversy, and experimentation.

Wrapping up the PhD

New paper: ‘Organizations in the making: Learning and intervening at the science policy interface’

A month of thinking and writing about democracy

Social media strategy for early career researchers

‘Society in the Anthropocene’ – Reflections 

New article in Environment & Planning A: ‘A decade of learning about publics, participation and climate change: institutionalising reflexivity?’

The Anthropocene: reflections on a concept, part 2

New commentary published on GM and public controversy

Evidence-based policy and the problem of non-knowledge

‘Evidence-based policy’: a very British debate

Experimenting beyond science

Conversations between Geography and STS

(Re)publics of science: new 3S working paper

Lessons from controversy: organisational learning and GM 

Patience (After Sebald): a geographer’s reflections



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