Academic summer resolutions

I’ve got a busy summer ahead of me including running a field course to Southern Spain, writing material for a new module which starts in the Autumn semester, trying to finish a few papers which really just need to be submitted already, and also the small matter of getting married at the end of August.

I have always struggled to be productive during academic summers – I much prefer the regular meetings and short-term deadlines of term time – and I have a particularly large amount that I want to achieve this summer, on top of taking on new responsibilities as part of my lectureship. I’ve come up with a few resolutions which I hope are going to help me have a happy and productive summer, which I thought I would share here in the hope that this will make me more likely to follow them. There might also be something in here which will be of use to others, so feel free to use them or to share your own tips.

In summer 2017 I will…

  1. Check my emails once per day, deal with them, and then close my inbox
  2. Spend 60 mins writing on my current project each morning before emails or social media
  3. Try to focus on one main thing per week
  4. Do yoga or go for a walk every day
  5. Prioritise getting enough sleep
  6. Read every day & update my ‘to-read’ folder on Mendeley

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