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My posts on the Topograph

From 2012-2015 I maintained a joint research blog with fellow geographer and STS scholar Martin Mahony called the Topograph. As we are now working on very different projects – he has just started a British Academy fellowship project at the University of Nottingham looking at the intersections of 20th century British colonialism and meteorological science – and developing our own profiles as early career scholars we have decided to mothball the Topograph for the time being, but leave the archive intact.

Topograph header

Below is an archived list of my most popular posts on the Topograph on topics including organisational learning, democracy, evidence-based policy, social media, the Anthropocene, the GM controversy, and experimentation.

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My Geography Directions posts

From 2013 to 2014 I was a news editor for the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers’ Geography Directions blog, writing articles which linked current news items with academic papers published in the RGS’s journals including¬†Area¬†and Transactions of the Society of British Geographers.


Below is an archived list of my most popular posts on the Geography Directions blog on themes including citizenship, participation, openness, conservation, flooding and the internet.

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