Conference & invited talks

July 2018 (with Jason Chilvers, Rob Bellamy and Tom Hargreaves) ‘Why practices and atmospheres of participation matter: insights from a democratic experiment in distributed deliberative mapping’. EASST conference 2018, Lancaster, UK.

June 2018 (with Jason Chilvers and Tom Hargreaves) ‘Ecologies of Participation in the UK Energy System-as-Constitution’. Science and Democracy Network annual conference, Munich, Germany.

September 2017 Discussant on ‘Remembering Sally Eden’ panel. RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2017, London

November 2017 ‘Anticipating democratic futures’. Anticipation 2017 conference, London, UK.

April 2017 ‘Data publics: a new political imaginary?’. Data Publics Conference 2017 Lancaster University, UK.

April 2016 ‘Understanding public dialogue as an embedded democratic innovation in UK climate governance’. Beyond experiments: Understanding how climate governance innovations become embedded, INoGOV COST action workshop, 2016, Brighton, UK.

April 2016 ‘Participation in and around the UK energy system: taking a whole systems view’. Association of American Geographers Annual International Conference 2016, San Francisco, USA.

September 2015 ‘Opening up public energy stories’. RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2015, Exeter.

August 2014 ‘Co-producing the participatory co-productions of UK Science policy’. RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2014, London.

August 2014 ‘Co-producing UK science policy futures: imaginaries, organisational learning & public participation’. RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2014, London.

July 2014 ‘Institutional experiments for democracy and learning: the case of Sciencewise, UK’. Science and Democracy Network 13th annual meeting, University of Vienna.

May 2014 ‘Producing the publics of UK science policy: public dialogue as a technology for representing, knowing & constructing publics’. New Perspectives on the Problem of the Public 2014, Westminster University, London.

April 2014 ‘Contested objects: evidence, publics and boundaries in open policy-making’. British Sociological Association Annual Conference, University of Leeds.

August 2013 ‘Spaces of citizen participation and organisational learning: imagining, organising and experimenting with UK science policy’. RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2013, London.

July 2013 ‘Behind-the-scenes: the role of the backstage in orchestrating the participatory spaces of UK science policy’. 8th International Interpretive Policy Analysis Conference, Vienna.

July 2012 ‘A Decade of Learning about Public Participation and Climate Change: Institutionalising Reflexivity?’. Science in Public meeting, UCL, London.

June 2012 ‘A Decade of Learning about Public Participation and Climate Change: Institutionalising Reflexivity?’. Science and Democracy Network 11th annual meeting, IFRIS, Paris.