Current projects

UKERC logoI am currently working on a UK Energy Research Centre-funded project called Systemic participation and decision-making with Jason Chilvers and Tom Hargreaves. Our main aims in this project are:

  • to develop a conceptual framework for understanding public participation at a ‘whole-systems’ level, drawing on insights from deliberative theory, social practice theory and science and technology studies
  • to map the diversity of current forms of public participation in and around the UK energy system, from formal Government-led deliberations to protests or everyday forms of participation through energy-using practices
  • to design new participatory experiments in the UK energy system drawing on our findings about existing participation.

In July 2015 we published a scoping note laying out our initial conceptual framework for understanding whole systems energy participation, which has formed the basis of a systematic review of UK energy participation which is currently in progress. We will be publishing the results of systematic review in early 2016 before beginning our empirical work.