Previous projects

Realising Transition Pathways project 2015

energyFrom January to March 2015 I worked on the EPSRC-funded Realising Transition Pathways project, writing up the findings from a workshop I ran back in 2014 which brought together different approaches in academic social science to understanding the making and emergence of energy publics. The report can be downloaded here.

PhD research 2011-2014

My PhD, undertaken 2011-2014 at the University of East Anglia, looked at processes of organisational learning in and around the UK-Government funded public participation body Sciencewise. My thesis was entitled ‘Organising science policy: participation, learning and experimentation in British Democracy’ and can be downloaded here. I also wrote a short report for Sciencewise and policy-makers summarising my finidngs and recommendations, which can be found here.

sciencewiseBased on extensive ethnographic qualitative research undertaken in and around the Sciencewise programme during 2013, my thesis offers a detailed account of learning processes in very different parts of the Sciencewise programme, including its involvement in contemporary debates about the meaning and practice of open policy, to its public dialogue processes, and a one-off process of internal reflection. This resulted in novel insights into the emerging object of open policy, the learning and management of arms-length government bodies, and developments in public participation practice in the UK. My thesis also contributed conceptually to literature in geography and organisational studies on organisational memory and the spaces of organisational learning, and also developed emergent themes from the STS (science and technology studies) literature including the production of ignorance and practices of experimentation.