Comedy in the classroom

Swipe right for sustainability

Poster for the ‘Swipe right for sustainability’ play which Gill Seyfang and I performed at the UEA Teaching and Learning day 2016

I have greatly enjoyed being involved in Comedy in the Classroom initiatives in the 3S research group at UEA, led by my colleagues Gill Seyfang and Tom Hargreaves. We have developed several comedic plays to use in our teaching about sustainable consumption and energy policy, using improvisation methods to portray different sociological theories of behaviour change, or visions of sustainability and the conflicts that emerge between them. We have found this approach very useful in helping students without a social science background understand the role of theory as well as creating a fun classroom atmosphere for us and our students. See the Comedy in the Classroom website which Gill Seyfang has put together for some hilarious videos and lots more information and advice about using comedy and theatre in teaching.