Workshops and conference panels

Conference panels

September 2017 ‘Decolonising geographies of democracy and participation’ panel at Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers Annual Conference, London UK.

September 2016 ‘Energy and society in ‘whole systems’ perspective: Towards relational and co-productionist approaches’ workshop session, at 3rd Energy and Society Conference: Transforming Energy for Society ESA RN12 – Environment and Society Midterm conference, Leipzig, Germany – co-organised with Jason Chilvers & Noel Longhurst

September 2016 ‘Ecologies of participation: Thinking systemically about science and technology by other means’ panel, at 4S/EASST Barcelona, Spain – co-organised with Jason Chilvers

August 2016 ‘Relational Geographies of Participation’ panel, at the Annual Conference of the Royal Geographical Society, London UK – co-organised with Jason Chilvers



April 2016 Speaker at ‘Beyond experiments: Understanding how climate governance innovations become embedded, INoGOV COST action workshop, Brighton, UK.

Nov 2014  Co-organiser ‘Environments in public’ workshop, UEA Norwich, UK

June 2014 Speaker at the Inaugural workshop for the ‘Science, knowledge & policy’, Palgrave book series, Edinburgh University, UK.

April 2014 Organiser ‘Making energy publics’, UEA London, UK